Bulk apply

Welcome, Emmanuel Church Westminster applicant!

We are so excited that you are coming as part of a larger team from your church to serve the Lord Jesus with us this summer.

Below are a few questions which we ask all our team members to answer before accepting their applications. They help us get to know you and your stories, as well as give an indication of how God has gifted you and how we may be able to use some of your God given talents and abilities as part of the larger team!

Please note, if you do not have currently have a DBS with Emmanuel Beach Mission you will be required to complete a DBS application, even if you have a DBS elsewhere. Jing has the information you need in order to apply for the DBS with us.

Looking forward to reading the stories of how God has been at work in your lives. God bless Dan (EBM Coordinator)

Thank you for your application, we will be in touch as soon as possible with more details.

If you have any questions about your application then please contact Dan Brett on 07943 756278 or email mission@eccentre.org.uk.