The Challenge

Let’s be honest. Being a Christian can be tough. We all have days when we need encouragement to carry on being a light for Christ in our daily lives. We all find that sometimes we stop being as excited about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and instead we kind of end up dimly burning in our little corner.

Jesus challenges us to be a ‘city on a hill that cannot be hidden‘ and commands us to ‘Go…and make disciples…” but how can we do that unless we step out from our comfort zones and trust Him for the result?

This summer, three teams of 12 people will do just that, stepping out in faith to witness to the amazing things that Jesus has done and is doing in their lives.

We’ll spend time worshipping God together, getting deep into His word and praying for each other and all the people we will come into contact with.

Come and join us for an amazing week of fellowship and fun where we can be encouraged by one another, get excited together about all that God is doing and be equipped to serve Jesus wherever you are as you grow in our relationship with Him.