The Place

Beach Mission takes place on ‘sunny’ (weather may vary) Saundersfoot on the South West coast of Pembrokeshire. A very very long time ago (ok it was 1956, but still!) teams from Emmanuel Missions started sharing the Gospel over the summer with children on the beach, and the rest, as they say, is history! Some of these children are now themselves team members, some missionaries, and others serve God through their local church, and in their places of work.

Wales itself is a huge mission field, with a tiny percentage of evangelical churches and a largely un-churched population. There is a desperate need for the clear and relevant proclamation of the gospel, not just in churches in Wales, but also right where people are. Beach Mission allows us to share the message of salvation in a way that is exciting and relevant, to people who may otherwise never hear the good news.

But Beach Mission is not just about mission to Wales. As a very popular UK holiday destination, Pembrokeshire sees a huge influx of visitors from all over the world every year. Holiday-makers and locals alike flock to the beach in the summer months, and so a mission in Wales actually becomes a way of reaching the whole world!