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If you are 16+ by the Friday on which your team begins, a committed Christian and wish to apply to become a team member for Emmanuel Beach Mission 2020, please fill in the application form below. Please note, if you do not have currently have a DBS with Emmanuel Beach Mission you will be required to complete a DBS application, even if you have a DBS elsewhere.

On team you will have a variety of different responsibilities which your team leader will contact you about once your application has been successfully completed. All team members are expected to come on team well prepared, and ready to give their testimony of how they came to know Jesus. Here are two tips to help you think about how to give your testimony on the beach.

Be VISUAL – use something that relates to your interests/work/story, and use it to show how Jesus has transformed you.

Be STRUCTURED – Paul’s testimony in Acts 26:1-32 has three sections which form an ideal template; Before I met Jesus, How I met Jesus and Since I met Jesus.

As part of your preparation, please describe what life was like ‘Before you met Jesus’ in the text box below. What was wrong in your life? Don’t glamourise, but do be honest.

How did you realise who Jesus is and what He has done? When and how did you respond to His love? How did you accept His gift of forgiveness and freedom, and become one with Him? Make sure you don’t use ‘Christian’ language, try to think how you would explain this to a child.

What difference has knowing Jesus made? How is He at work in your life today? How have you known God’s love, help and care in both the easy and the hard times? What is the best thing about knowing Jesus and belonging to Him? This should be the focus and the longest section of your testimony!

Please tick any previous experience you may have gained in the following areas…

If you are currently under 18 years of age we need your parent/guardians consent for you to join us on team. Please get your parent/guardian to read your application and sign below.

Thank you for your application, we will be in touch as soon as possible with more details.

If you have any questions about your application then please contact Dan Brett on 07943 756278 or email